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We will talk briefly about the Counter-Strike 1.6 game. The game was created in 1999 on June 12, at
the time it was called the Counter-Strike 1.1, this was the first tactical shooter who was able to bring together players from
all over the world. Cs 1.6 play can be both a local area network, in other words using a LAN (play with a neighbor or friend)
or the Internet to connect to CS server that you can find the Google search brings together ( counter-strike 1.6 servers ).
Counter Strike 1.6 is a co-founder, game publishers (under the name of Valve).
Of this wonderful tactical shooter improvements, such as – go cs, cs source, we believe should start soon and be released or
other improvements of this version of the game.

In 2004, the valve has released yet another version of this game (counter-strike zero) the principle of the game, and
the methodology was based on, and for one player (in other words, a player conducting a mission) has been improved graphics
and much better graphics than CS 1.6 – the only downside was that that it was not zaisiti with other gamers worldwide via the Internet.

What is this game about? Probably many of the old wolf will tell you that to collect more points and shoot the ball. ‘
Unfortunately we can and we have to argue.
A lot of CS 1.6 players do not understand the essence of this game. This is a team game, but many counter-strike
1.6 servers to not see (where players run around randomly, a half head nor tail of what it randomly, so the whole team are suffering.
Game objective terrorists – attacked, and help c4 and police otherwise known as CT defend c4 zone so that terrorists can not assist bomb

Counter-Strike 1.6 game is available on these weapons
Here is a list:

All the weapons in the game


USP .45
Glock 18
Desert Eagle
Sig P228
Dual Beretta Elites
Five Seven


Benelli M3 Super
Benelli M4 Super 90 (M1014)

Pistols-machine guns:



SIG SG 550
Steyr AUG

Sniper rifles:

Schimdt Scout
G3SG / 1

machine guns:


How many have been sold for this game?
I speak about the year 2008 issued in this shooter games.
As you can see cs 1.6 sales surpassed both Condition Zero and Source (many say that the source was a lame project)
Counter-Strike: 4.2 million. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: 2.9 million. Counter-Strike Source: 2.1 million.

Most players either unwilling or unable to, or otherwise does not intend to buy a legal version of this game (steam)
Could be to talk and flare on the subject, the difference between Steam and Nonsteam game.
But to write a glance:
Steam: you get a better performance of the game, you can run HD models and other plugins. You can select a maximum resolution
of what you can not do with non Steam version.
Server to you and admins jury otherwise not call Fate and similar expressions.

Well but if you’ve decided to be non steam, then we will give  from us our cs 1.6 page Download this shooter game  and play it on the network.

What gets downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6 games from our site?

2016 changed slightly config the game, so downloaded from our CS 1.6 will be able to more FPS during the game, to see a list of servers over the internet (net find) and more better game play.



Cs 1.6 – Counter-Strike 1.6, downloading from our cs 1.6 you agree with the fact that the illegal downloading of non-steam version cs 1.6.
Counter-Strike 1.6 info & you of our simple ways: you just have to press the icon (counter-strike 1.6 download)

Downloading cs 1.6 you get always newest customer who will work on all servers cs 1.6!

Our counter-strike 1.6 installation file is improved. This means that all servers allowed to put cfg, which will ensure stable
cs 1.6 functioning šaudimo year. Always 100 procents FPS in servers.

Our cs 1.6 downloading link, and the same install file is placed cs 1.6 best Lithuanian and foreign servers.
So no slowhack and things like that are detrimental to the player will not. Therefore, we can provide the location where the recording cs 1.6 will be free from
to delete the file.


Counter-Strike 1.6 features:
• The game with the most recent updates.
• In the CS 1.6 fully working search servers.
• Add the CS 1.6 Bots.
• Counter Strike 1.6 is fully protected from AutoConnect, gamemenu exchange, loading banner replacement and other).
• Configured so that the greatest FPS best game quality!
• Counter Strike 1.6 P48 client’as.

Recommended system requirements:
CPU at 1200 MHz
512 MB of RAM memory
MB 128 MB video card
750 MB of free disk memory
Mouse, keyboard

About 1.6 cs game. It has been developed (valve) of the company in 1999.
Cs is a personal shooter number one, which has become megėmiausia and most playing worldwide.
cs 1.6 cs has a wide range of servers scattered around the world, so even the fussiest of CS players will find a suitable server.
Counter-Strike game modes and the variety is wide, from all over the widespread public up umbrella and a variety of servers.

All over the world took place and are ongoing CS 1.6 tournament during which the best-known and compete not only clans. In other words, one cs cs clan against another clan.
Of course in this game, the winners would receive a different prize. From purses to computer components, travel and unexpected!

Counter-Strike 1.6 is best shooter and recognized not only Lithuania, but also in the world.


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